Interview: yoga teacher Anja Sweets

katja sweets

You in 10 descriptive words?
Broad-minded, friendly, joyful, sensitive, courageous, agreeable, sweet, spiritual, graceful, yoga junkie.

What is that “special touch” that makes your work unique?
I guide people with ease and grace. My yoga flows are designed in a way that everyone can do it, no matter if they are doing yoga for the first time or if they have injuries/illnesses. I create space for the yogis and give them time, so that they can explore and discover their whole self. My aim is to inspire people to do more yoga and that they find a yoga routine for themselves to practice at home as well.

Who or what inspired you to do what you’re doing now?
Daily Yoga helped me through a hard time. In the first months, I did Yoga because I was so afraid to feel worse again if I wouldn't do it every day. Then after further months, my fear changed into a passion. Tara Stiles Youtube videos were always an inspirational source. My interest in yoga was so strong, that I read a lot of books and learned from different YouTube yoga videos. I learned myself to create yoga routines with nice flows and in February 2018 I had an amazing time in London where I did my Strala Yoga Training with Tara Stiles. 

What is the best advice you ever received?
You can accomplish challenging things with less effort if you first soften, take a deep inhale and go with ease into the movement. Your exhale will bring you farther into the movement and you can explore what’s going on for you. This is a great advice for the yoga practice and also for daily life. Don't go through challenging situations being tense and rigid, because you will need more energy than necessary.

Exclusive tip or recommendation for Yoga Mamondo readers?
If you want to establish a yoga routine in your daily life, start with 2-3 yoga moves every day. Use a reminder that you can't forget it and even when you feel too lazy...just do it! You'll notice after few minutes it´s nice to practice. After a few weeks you’ll notice how amazing you feel and then you can expand step by step your routine. Feel free to find the moves and flows that feel good for you and take your time to explore what’s great for your body and connect with yourself. Move how it feels good for you and don’t practice only poses - be movable - so that you can move in every direction you want to move. If you can't move, bend your knees and elbows.

Anja Sweets is a German yoga instructor. Visit Anja Sweet's website at